Through statistical analysis and mathematical modeling of political data, we identify compelling perspectives on market dynamics for investors. Our products range from bespoke research pieces for long/short desks to daily data feeds for quantitative funds.

Unlike the antiquated approaches to political intelligence that rely on subjective evidence, the firm uses a proprietary, data-driven methodology to help investment professionals make better decisions. When combined with analysis that recognizes legislative and regulatory patterns, and a client-focused platform built to report on data in a timely manner, VogelHood provides actionable value for the investment community. VogelHood is an independent research organization that is entirely owned by the partners; the firm receives no outside investment.

With one subscription

VogelHood covers an entire investment team with bespoke pieces to address any political or policy-related issue.

Sector Coverage
  • Healthcare
  • Technology, Media, Telecom (TMT)
  • Energy and Industrials (EI)
  • Financial Institutions Groups (FIG)
  • Real Estate (REITs)
  • Consumer/Retail
  • Financial Business Services (FBS)
  • Merger Arbitrage/Event-Driven
Merger Regulatory Approval Analysis

VogelHood has a suite of products and services to help investors better understand the merger regulatory process. For all announced deals over $1 billion, VogelHood gives an initial snapshot of antitrust regulatory approval. Using an HHI proxy and political engagement data, we run each deal thought our proprietary model, MERGERANX™. Within hours of deal announcement, we provide a call regarding regulatory approval.

For deals that have a political angle, VogelHood provides ongoing tracking and analysis of congressional hearings, lobbying activity, and key political events that might influence regulators. We can help you understand when an event is just noise or could change the trajectory of regulatory approval.

Government Policy Expertise

VogelHood’s research team is comprised of analysts with previous experience in government. Our analysts’ high-level government experience gives them unique insight into the processes and political forces that drive policy in Washington. Our experts specialize in health care, technology, media and telecom, energy, financial services, and other policy areas.

VogelHood clients have access to written research reports on key public policy issues that have the potential to move markets. Upon request, we also provide bespoke written research for specific issues that might impact an investment. Our analysts are available anytime to answer questions that arise as policy events develop.


VogelHood is built to meet today’s stringent compliance environment by relying on timely policy expertise and public data sources. VogelHood has built the only truly compliant Washington D.C. information platform in existence.